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Private Dinner By Chef Shen Tan
ChocoLARD Sourdough Bread
ChocoLARD Sourdough Bread

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Hum Jeen Pang
Hum Jeen Pang

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Onde YOU Onde You
Onde YOU Onde You

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ChocoLARD Sourdough Bread
ChocoLARD Sourdough Bread

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*NEW* Extra You Don't CB Ah 
$128nett/ person
11 Sept 2021
Location: 1 Seletar Aerospace Heights
Doors open 6.30pm, dinner commences at 7pm

Notes from Chef Shen: 

2020 was a tough year, we all suffered through the anxiety and worry. Some of us ate our feelings, others (like myself and many more) cooked their way through the pandemic. I took the opportunity to learn some new skills in the kitchen during CB (circuit breaker aka lockdown). The result is this menu – which is all the stuff I cooked and made during CB.

One of which was sourdough which had stymied me for 5 years😞 until my IG friend FYNoms came along and showed me the way. THANK YOU mate! There was also some cultured butter action going on because Bordier Butter was out of stock – everywhere!

I was also able to spend time with the BH and we made a whole load of kuehs together – chiefly HUM JEEN PANG and Onde Onde. The BH will be making these for the dinner – a guest appearance!

There are also dishes that came about through the generosity of friends and neighbours – like our Oyster Omelette, THANK YOU T!

I also learned all about Claypot Rice from my filming with Old Taste Detective. I also taught myself how to make lup cheong and yun cheong and dry aged them in #gertrudethedryager.

You Don't CB Ah Dinner Menu 

Bread & Butter

ChocoLARD with cultured/kombu butter, #ownself cure A5 wagyu, joselito pork presa
Sourdough bread with valrhona cacao and chocolate. Savoury accoutrements – cured wagyu and joselito pork.

You Don’t Hum My Jeen Pang, OK
Sweet Hum Jeen Pang with 5 spice powder and sugar swirl. Savoury Hum Jeen Pang with minced pork, water chestnuts

Pork satay with white rojak

Kurobuta pork belly satay with white rojak and peanut satay gravy

You Don’t Cai My Tow O-KUEH
Ownself make carrot cake with scallops (instead of prawns), ownself make lup cheong and yun cheong. Fried with eggs and chye poh, topped with Uni.

You Don’t Orh My Jian
Ownself smoked Japanese oyster omelette 

Un-QUAIL-i-fried success
Deep fried laksa marinated quail with french fries

You Don’t FANJIEW my claypot rice 
Claypot rice with dry aged pork

Triple Valrhona Chocolate Cookie
Made in the Levain Bakery style with cultured butter, pecans and 3 kinds of valrhona chocolate

onde YOU onde YOU 
Onde Onde with coconut ice cream, gula melaka butterscotch

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