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Private Dinner By Chef Shen Tan
*NEW* Dry Aged Meats Dinner
$256nett/ person
27 Mar 2021
Location: 1 Seletar Aerospace Heights
Doors open 6.30pm, dinner commences at 7.00pm

We often don’t realise how much of the delicious food that we eat on a daily basis are aged (or fermented). You wouldn’t enjoy your coffee or chocolate as much, and that flavourful dry aged steak would not be as beefy nor tender.


What is Dry Ageing and how does it improve the meat? Dry ageing does two things –
1. It tenderises the meat
2. It concentrates the flavour of the meat, especially meats high in saturated fat (beef, lamb and pork).

Once you have sampled dry aged meat, you will be blown away by the great flavour and aroma. 


In 2019, we took the leap of faith and imported a Dry Ager from Germany and took our ageing to the next level. This dinner is the culmination of the ageing we have been doing. We age Premium Meats like Wagyu, Pasture Fed Black Angus Beef and the not so traditional – with Kurobuta Pork and Dorper Lamb.

Click "Book via email" and tell us your preferred date, contact number, number of pax, dietary restrictions.
Aged Dinner Menu

Dry Aged Mini Beef Burger, Brown Butter, Gruyere with French Fries

No meat fest is complete without a burger. Juicy burger patty is seared, cooked till pink, seasoned only with sea salt and freshly cracked Hong Spices red peppercorns. Drizzled with brown butter, smeared with kewpie mayo, sandwiched between Ownself Make lard potato burger buns and gruyere cheese. Served with crispy curly fries. Now that is what I call a burger!


21 Days Dry Aged Kurobuta Pork Collar

Sweet nutty juicy pork steak served with my Ownself Make Lacto Fermented Achar, vinegar and soy reduction


21 days Kurobuta Bone-in Pork Chop with Uni and Japanese short grain rice 

The marbled pork chop with bone in, is dry aged for 14 days. The juicy and tender pork chop is seared and served with creamy sweet briny Japanese Uni, and rice. This is perhaps my favourite dish and might spoil you for life - you will not want to eat any other pork but this


60 days Angus Pasture Fed Bone-in rib eye 

Grass Fed Angus beef is dry aged for 60 days (the longest at Ownself Make Chef) you will get to experience maximum beef flavour, where every bite  is juicy and tender. Very simply seasoned with sea salt, seared and served pink with a generous drizzle of brown butter.


30 days Wagyu Bone-in Rib eye, MB5

Wagyu dry aged for maximum flavour as tenderness is a given with the high degree of marbling. Served with our Ownself Make Kalamansi Marmalade


14 days Dorper Lamb Shoulder Banjo

Dry aged for 14 days, with bone in, this cut is highly marbled with packed with flavour. Served with our Ownself Make Honey Cured Garlic 



Valrhona Dark Chocolate Truffle Tart 

Pastry made with aged beef tallow, cultured butter

Gula Melaka Ice Cream

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