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Our Garden Harvest

Fresh Harvests from Our Garden


Team Gastrogig has been digging deep into our soil to discover the amazing array of produce that our little tropical backyard can offer. Rosella, Lemongrass, Blue Pea Flowers, Turmeric, Kaffir Lime, Kalamansi, Eggplant, Rainbow Chili Padi, Thai Basil & more


In our journey to produce less waste, we have been creating new dishes and condiments that are both delicious AND helps to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, using egg yolks in the production of our very rich and decadent kaya, and the remaining egg whites to create the Kalamansi Lime Angel Food Cake, which also uses the pulp of the kalamansi limes that are harvested from our gardens. We compost our food waste into fertilisers for our gardens, adding nutrients and improving our soil structure.

-   ABOUT US  -

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Chef Shen Tan

Chef Shen Tan is a self-taught cook who made a giant leap from the coffee grind of the corporate world, to the pounding grind of the Maxwell Food Centre, dishing out her Twice-steamed Nasi Lemak and signature sambals. She later helmed the kitchens at Wok & Barrel and Ujong @Raffles Hotel, developing mod sin dishes like Ba Chor Mee Pasta, Pulot Hitam Cake and Shendol. This creative streak led her to start Ownselfmake Chef with menus that explore specific themes based on a certain protein. An ever- faithful gastro-partner, wok-ing with Gastrogig since 2013.

Pastry Chef Rachael Ling

A trained product designer, Rachael applies the lessons learnt during her 3-year diploma on various mediums. Post graduating from Nanyang Poly with an industrial and product design diploma in hand, she dipped her hands into the world of sweets with a diploma in Pastry and Bakery at Shatec, before training under the tutelage of Chef Pang Kok Keong of famed local patisserie Antoinette where she was in charge of Chocolate-making. Now, besides creating sweets for our Thank-Goodness-It’s Christmas edition, Rachael handcrafts modern sustainable rattan furniture at her father’s 32-year old furniture shop.

Thank-Goodness-It's (TGI)

Thank-Goodness-It's, a brand by Gastrogig. Curating creative food projects and providing bespoke hospitality services, Gastrogig uses food to explore and illustrate ideas and create engaging experiences for both corporate and private clients through working closely with tastemakers of the culinary and arts industry.


TGI is Gastrogig's answer to the effects of Covid-19 on their industry. It is Gastrogig’s reminder to everyone to be grateful, appreciative of wellness, and to take joy in what the land has to offer, even in these tough times! Every dish is infused with fresh produce from our garden, making every bite a moment of Gastro-Goodness to be Thankful for!

Our Gastro-Motto

#EatLocal #ReapWhatWeSow #GreenIsTheNewBlack #SavourEachBite

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