Nasi Ulam Feast for 8-10 pax

1. Nasi Ulam (V)

incl omelette, crispy ikan billis, rainbow pickle, housemade sambal belachan and sambal tumis


2. 22-Spice Kurobuta Pork Confit

kurobuta pork shoulder is dry-rubbed and marinated for 48 hours with a mix of 22 spices and spent coffee grounds, cooked for 16 hours to make it moist and tender


3. Salted Egg Cured Barramundi

Ah Hua Kelong barramundi cured for 48hr with a blend of whole salted egg, evaporated milk, curry leaves and butter, pan fried and served with a drizzle of brown butter


4. Laksa Quail

locally grown quail from Lian Wah Hang Farm, marinated for 24 hours with laksa rempah, served grilled


5. Sambal Eggplant (V)

roasted eggplant in housemade sambal tumis, lightly charred to give a smoky finish


6. Kalamansi Kaya Bread & Butter Pudding

housemade kaya meets housemade kalamansi marmalade in our take on bread & butter pudding, topped with fish floss

Nasi Ulam Feast

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