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Private Dinner By Chef Shen Tan

Smoke Dinner


21 May  2022


Location: 1 Seletar Aerospace Heights
Doors open 6.30pm, dinner commences at 7pm

Notes from Chef Shen:
*Coming soon

Smoke Dinner Menu 

Smoked veggies, smoked chicken

with chicken soup, charred pandan leaves

Tea smoked


Cold vs Fresh

Cold smoked sausage vs fresh 

Dry Aged vs Smoked 

Dry Aged pork belly vs smoked bacon chop

Banana Leaf Smoked 

Banana leaf wrapped and smoked otak frog

Smoked Fish
Smoked roe, smoked grouper

Smoked chilli clams

Served with nasi lemak

Smoked Coconut Husks

Dry-aged Wagyu picanha beef rendang

Palate cleanser
Orange honey sorbet with smoked Osmanthus jelly

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