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Valentine's Day
Private Dinner By Chef Shen Tan

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Banana Tart
Banana Tart

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"Extra" Valentine's Day Dinner 


12 Feb 2022
14 Feb 2022


Location: 1 Seletar Aerospace Heights
Doors open 6.30pm, dinner commences at 7pm

Notes from Chef Shen:
I am really excited about this menu as I have developed it with the various stages of love and romance. You can expect the usual twists (why wouldn't you? It IS Ownselfmake Chef after all!) and mix of savoury and sweet.


I have also used ingredients which are traditionally seen as aphrodisiacs - Oysters, Chilli, Honey, Pomegranates, Chocolate, and Bananas. I added pork and wagyu cos they are aphrodisiacs to me, 😉


For dessert, we have two desserts cos we just HAD to include the crowd favourite which is the dessert from BBQMTL AND a decadent valrhona dulcey chocolate tart with chicken twistees and fried chicken skins. 

Click "Book via email" and tell us your preferred date, contact number, number of pax, dietary restrictions.
"Extra" Lovely Valentine's Day Menu


Oyster (steamed with aged soy sauce, balsamico)

Oysters in shell, lightly steamed and dressed with soy and balsamico, lump fish caviar



Chilli oil dressed barramundi

Sweetly Spicy

Kampung Honey

with fried spicy chicken and Waffles



A5 wagyu

with pomegranate molasses 

Dry rubbed chocolate kurobuta pork confit

with aged balsamico



Twice steamed nasi lemak

with Ah Hua Kelong kicap chilli clams, grilled prawns



Grilled banana lard butter tart

with torched meringue, gula melaka butterscotch, toasted grated coconut, gula melaka ice cream


Valrhona Dulcey Chocolate Tart

with chicken twistees, fried chicken skins, Lychee Lime Sorbet

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